What started out as a project to discover frequencies and their abilities, GIZZMO developed into becoming a full time musical venture. An Electronic / Funk / Alternative, band (for lack of a better word), combining the power of synthesis and raw sound into a new original composition.

The group experiments with different schemes and themes to uncover new musical and artistic grounds that move the feet and blow the mind, an experience that is very obvious in System Failure.

GIZZMO was originally formed by Joy on guitar and vocals, Camilio on bass, and Sergio on drums, experimenting with different genres of music and soundscapes, combining electronic and organic sounds. Alex joined the project in its early developments adding another layer into the electronic feel and upbeat jazz touches.

Their 1st performance together was at "Fete De La Musique 2016" at The Grand Factory performing their 1st original on stage "DEBUG". This performance led to their admittance to Beirut Open Stage' s wave three, which was a an incentive pushing them to work on their original sound and explore songwriting styles. GIZZMO’s venture into styles had to a new, more electronic sound with the use of drum machines and sequencers, giving the band a punch and edge to experiment on. After winning BOS's wave three GIZZMO got to record their 1st single "NAKED SHEEP" with Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios.

GIZZMO proceeded by writing the rest of the EP, closing a management deal with Cloud Cuckoo Land, a Lebanese based music services entity and performing all over Lebanon in Venues such as, The Grand Factory, Radio Beirut who have been supporting the band's development, Colonel, AR_KA, Tartan, Warshe13, BOS, Sofar Sounds and closing for the Lebanese alternative pioneer Zeid Hamdan.

GIZZMO released their Debut EP “System Failure” on November 21, 2017, on the digital electronic label "Fantome de Nuit Records” and signed a licensing deal with Sony Music Middle East.

GIZZMO is already working on new material and new collaborations for their upcoming releases.  


Joy Moughanni: Guitar/drum machine/vocals/electronics
Alex Chahine: Keyboard/synth/vocals/electronics
Camilio Khoury: Low Frequencies/bass/vocal



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